10 Scariest Guard Dogs

guard dogs, guard dogs - By Staff Writer on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - 19:54

Staffers at MetroSniff are asked all the time what the "best" dogs are for different things, like the "best" guard dog.  This is a list of the 10 Scariest Guard Dogs that will likely frighten the pants of any would be intruder by simply standing and barking. 

Breeds that are considered good guard dogs tend to have a historical origin as such.  They build strong bonds to the family and property and will protect them to the best of their ability.  It is important to note that guard dogs are not attack dogs or protection dogs and are not specifically used to attack on command.  Rather they are sentry dogs and alarm dogs. Sentry dogs will guard a parameter, typically inside a fens or house, with or without supervision while alarm dogs will send out a barking alarm when someone is attempting to enter the property.  Guard dogs will go beyond just the alarm and attack when provoked or when their property or family is threatened.

1. Pit Bull - While we don't think these dogs are particularly that frightening, take the one to the left here for example, the amount of press they get on being aggressive and attack prone is enough to make even the most hardened criminal cross the street to get away.  Sure a pit might be slobbery and happy but try to take their bone away and they let out a growl that rivals a Mack Truck. (photo by: bbcworldservice)

2.Rottweiler - The size and strength of the Rottweiler is enough to discourage any criminal to breech your perimeter.  Often seen as the typical guard dog, Rottweilers have a reputation of being drool prone attack dogs looking to take any intruder down.

3. Cane Corso - The first time a Cane Corso came to our Upper East Side dog run everyone in the run left immediately without bothering to see if the dog was nice - it was.  These are extremely strong large dogs that have aloof natures and the appearance of mean dogs.  Even if they aren't barking they can appear menacing so we can only imagine what a growling barking Cane Corso looks like.

4. German Shepherd- Used as police dogs, military dogs and protection dogs, the German Shepherd is the iconic protector.  Their exceptional intelligence, agility and strength would make any would be robber look for another mark.

5. Doberman Pinscher - Again an iconic protector, the Doberman Pinscher has been used in film and television as a guard dog and attack dog for years.  While we do not condone cropping ears we believe, however, if you want one to look mean and menacing you should not keep the ears floppy it makes them too cute. (photo by: Catherin Arsenault photos)

6. Rodesian Ridgeback - Rodesian Ridgebacks are large strong dogs that would not typically come off as an aggressive.  Their size and strength is what makes them so menaicing.  Rodesian Ridgebacks are extremely territorial and will do whatever is necessary to protect their home and family.

7. Mastiff- Again size is the determining factor here.  Mastiffs are huge dogs that could easily take down any intruder.  The Mastiff simply has to knock down and stand on an intruder to subdue them which at 200 lbs is an easy task.

8. Boerboel - A South African breed that was bred to protect the homestead, the Boerbole was bred to guard.  Their immense size, strength and territoriality makes them great guard dogs.

9. Akita - Originally used to hunt bears, the Akita is a courageous dog.  Don't let their fluffy coat fool you, their aloof nature and territoriality makes them great guard dogs capable of freaking out anyone looking to break in.

10. Dogo Argentino - This huge muscular breed just looks powerful.  Originally bred to hunt large game, the Dogo Argentino is protective of its family and property.  Like the Pit Bull they have the reputation of being aggressive and have been bred by some to fight. (photo by: andigirl)

Clearly the two factors that make a guard dog frightening are size and reputation.  Any growling frothing dog in our opinion is cause to run and while we do not think these breeds are dangerous we certainly would not want to run into them while breaking into their territory. 


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